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For the Special Operations - Sins of the Fathers Task, see Task List: Harness the Power/SO11

Harness the Power[]


1. Grief Task IconUISO8 Red Task Icon Border Harness the Power

Unlock Grief Research

  • Infernal Fang Task Icon Collect 30 Infernal Fangs [Will Be Used]
  • Frozen Hell Task Icon Find the Frozen Hell
    • SPEC OP 4 ONLY! Infernal Fangs can be bought from the store, or gathered from demons. Frozen Hell is dropped by the Epic Boss of Mission 2: The Hoary Hoasts.
  • Requires 75 (First Task) Gold icon Gold to Auto-Finish
  • Reward: Blueprint: Grief


  • Since they'll be used, Fangs obtained and placed in PVP armory will NOT count towards the total and will be subtracted from the total count.