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In the version of Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Team Tournaments are held every Hour against two Teams. For the entirety of the hour, members of the Teams must rack up as much points as they can. The team with the most points at the end of the hour wins the current price held, ranging from various Consumables to Command Points Command point icon and Gold Gold icon . The prize and the players' Team overall points are found above the Chat section of the game.

Obtaining Points[]

Becoming eligible to participate in this Tournament requires the Players to attain at least 30 Playdom Points. These points are obtained by clicking various links in the Chat Feed:

  • From a player's Agent leveling up
  • Players completing missions in chapters
  • Player's completion of their Hero's Training / Leveling up their Hero
  • Player's Research completion
  • Players' S.H.I.E.L.D. Point requests.

Most of the links at the chat feed gives 1 Playdom Point per click, with the exception of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Point request garnering 5 Playdom Points.


An MVP is calculated by who provides the most links in the feed. Players have to hit the share button on each of the listed above to create the link to the chat feed for other players to click. Additional prizes are given to MVP winners.

Current Tournament Prizes[]

Asides from various consumables, this section shall list the Tournament prizes.

Agent Level Prizes (As of September 23, 2013)
Levels 1 - 7 2 Gold icon 1 Shield point-icon 1,000 Silver-icon Chrono Boost First Aid Pack I Frag Grenade I
Levels 8 - 20 2 Gold icon 2 Shield point-icon 3,000 Silver-icon Medium Energy Stamina Boost Pack I Cluster Grenade I
Levels 21 - 40 2 Gold icon 2 Command point icon 5,000 Silver-icon One Battle Restoration Pack I Team Stamina Boost I
Levels 41 - 60 2 Gold icon 2 Command point icon 7,000 Silver-icon Large Energy Lucky Shamrock Team First Aid Pack I
Levels 61+ 2 Gold icon 2 Command point icon 8,000 Silver-icon Team Restore III Team Stamina Boost III Team First Aid Pack III
MVP Reward 2 Gold icon


  • Formerly, Low level players cannot obtain Command Points and Gold for Tournament prizes. Players are required to have their Agent's Level at Level 16 or higher for Gold Gold icon prizes, and Level 21 or higher for Command Point Command point icon prizes.
  • Previous to this, the Agent Level requirement was only at Level 16 until the change to Level 21.

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