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The Defenders is the name of a number of Marvel Comics superhero groups which are usually presented as a "non-team" of individualistic "outsiders," each known for following their own agendas. The team generally battled mystic and supernatural threats.

Its original incarnation, often considered the most powerful formation of superheroes in the Marvel Universe, was led by Doctor Strange and also included The Hulk, Namor, and occasionally the Silver Surfer.

The group had a rotating line-up , with Dr. Strange and the Hulk being more or less constant members along with a number of other mainstays such as Valkyrie, Nighthawk, Hellcat, Gargoyle, and a large number of guest stars and short-term "associate" members and "Defenders for a Day."

Note: Members listed below had long runs in the comics as members of the Defenders. Many other heroes have made appearances in story arcs with the Defenders but were not formally members or not members for long.

In-Game Members


Angel Icon 1.pngAngel Icon 2.png
Beast Icon 1.pngBeast Icon 2.png
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1.pngDaimon Hellstrom Icon 2.png
Dr. Strange Icon 1.pngDr. Strange Icon 2.png
Falcon Icon 1.png
Hellcat Icon 1.png
Hulk Icon 1.pngHulk Icon 2.pngHulk Icon 3.pngHulk Icon 4.pngHulk Icon 5.png
Iceman Icon 1.pngIceman Icon 2.png
Luke Cage Icon 1.pngLuke Cage Icon 2.png
Misty Knight Icon 1.png
Moondragon Icon 1.png
Red She-Hulk Icon 1.png
Richard Rider Icon 1.png
Valkyrie Icon 1.png
Vision Icon 1.pngVision Icon 2.png


Angel Icon.png
Pestilence Icon.png
 Pestilence (Beast)
Angrir Icon.png
 Angrir (Daimon Hellstrom)
Hulk Icon.png
Death Icon.png
 Death (Iceman)
Nul Icon.png
 Nul (Luke Cage)
Moondragon Icon.png
Vision Icon.png

Non-game canon

Ant-Man Icon 1.png
Black Cat Icon 1.pngBlack Cat Icon 2.png
Black Knight Icon 1.png
Black Panther Icon 1.png
Daredevil Icon 1.pngDaredevil Icon 2.pngDaredevil Icon 3.png
Doctor Voodoo Icon 1.png
Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1.png
Howard the Duck Icon 1.png
Hank Pym Icon 1.png

as Yellowjacket

Hawkeye Icon 1.pngHawkeye Icon 2.pngHawkeye Icon 3.pngHawkeye Icon 4.png
Iron Fist Icon 1.pngIron Fist Icon 2.png
Moon Knight Icon 1.png
Red Hulk Icon 1.png
She-Hulk Icon 1.pngShe-Hulk Icon 2.png
Wasp Icon 1.png

Team-Up Bonuses

Defenders Members of The Defenders AngelBeastDaimon HellstromDr. StrangeFalconHellcatHulkIcemanLuke CageMisty KnightMoondragonRichard RiderValkyrieVision