• hi xobai

    i am in a dillema which hero should i buy next in marvel avengers alliance

    my status

    i am in level 48,and i have 86cp and 46 gold

    i have dr.stranger(with suit)(level10),cyclops(phenix fire suit)(level10),black widow,ironfist,hawakyeandiron man (all of level 4)

    i want your suggestion to whom should i buy next

    {i am thinking to buy hemidall(after getting 200 cp)}

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      By the guide, your next purchases should be She-Hulk and Invisible Woman, followed by Human Torch, Quicksilver, and Storm.  I stand by that.  That said, the best advice right now is to save your Command Points.  The Age of Ultron tie-in is likely to start in the next couple of days and we are all anticipating content such as a movie Quicksilver or Hulkbuster Iron Man, and you will want your CPs then... and you will probably want to have A LOT of CPs then.

      Generally speaking, do not buy any characters who cost more than 90 CP until you have all the characters who cost 90 or less; just because they cost more does not mean they are better characters (they're not).  

      A couple of tips:

      Do not convert gold into CP.

      Level all your characters to 7 as quickly as you can.  Seven is the most efficient level for PvP bonus. 

      The only alts you need to consider in the near future - aside from maybe movie promotional suits - are tactician Grey Suit Black Widow and Blue Suit Quicksilver (either class). Don't worry about buying any other suits; they are not an efficient use of your CPs at this point.

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    • thanks for your suggestion

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    • presently can you suggest a best team up for pvp

      my bonus in pvp are

      attaking bonus offensive-165611


      defending bonus  offensive-148140


      and can you say is it best to have more bonuses in pvp or less

      (if i have more bonuses i am getting a 300 or 60 level opponents)

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    • Everyone who asks me for a PvP team gets the same advice: scrapper Blue Quicksilver and tactician Grey Widow.

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    • thanks

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    • A FANDOM user
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