• Quick Question: How do you unlock Season 2?

    Quick Question: How to you unlock Season 1 CHapter 2?

    Quick Question: Why can't I play PVP when i unlocked it?

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    • 1. It should unlock when you unlock PvP, click the Story:Season 2 tab and double-check.
      2. Get 4 heroes, Complete Season1 Chapter 1 Mission 5 and get a total of 7 mastery stars
      3. There isn't an active PvP Season now, so no tournament fights, but you can click practice and try your PvP skills first.

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    • Where is the Season 2 Tab? Because I cant find it?

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      Should be obvious now I hope? If it doesn't appear, then may I ask whether you're playing the Facebook version of the game as Season 2 is only released in Facebook atm.

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