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Heroes A - I (View or Edit this Section)

Name Ability Type
A-Bomb Icon 1.png
A-Bomb-Chameleon Punch.png Chameleon Punch Melee Unarmed
A-Bomb-Ready To Rumble.png Ready To Rumble Melee Unarmed
Agent Venom Icon 1.png

(Under Control mode)

Agent Venom-Advanced Combat Training.png Advanced Combat Training Melee Unarmed
Amazing Spider-Woman Icon 1.png
Amazing Spider-Woman-Web Slingshot.png Web Slingshot Melee Unarmed
Amazing Spider-Woman-Repelled Uppercut.png Repelled Uppercut Melee Unarmed
Angel Icon 1.png
Angel-Rapture.png Rapture Melee Unarmed
Angel Icon 2.png
Angel-War.png War Unarmed Melee
Angel-Famine.png Famine Unarmed Melee Energy
Ant-Man Icon 1.png
Ant-Man-Break In.png Break In Melee Unarmed
Ant-Man-Pint-Size Surprise.png Pint-Size Surprise Melee Unarmed
Beast Icon 1.png
Beast-The Jungle.png The Jungle Unarmed Melee
Beast-A Farewell to Arms.png A Farewell to Arms Unarmed Slashing Melee
Beast Icon 2.png
Beast-The Jungle.png Heart of Darkness Unarmed Melee
Beast-A Farewell to Arms.png Jekyll and Hyde Unarmed Slashing Melee
Bishop Icon 1.png
Bishop-Cyberkinetic Crash.png Cyberkinetic Crash Unarmed Tech Melee
Black Bolt Icon 1.png
Black Bolt-Kingly Fists.png Kingly Fists Melee Unarmed
Black Bolt-Royal Flight.png Royal Flight Melee Unarmed
Black Cat Icon 1.png
Black Cat-Unlucky Strike.png Unlucky Strike Unarmed Melee
Black Cat-Nerve Chop.png Nerve Chop Unarmed Melee
Black Panther Icon 1.png
Black Panther-Wakandan Arts.png Wakandan Arts Unarmed Melee
Black Widow Icon 1.png
Black Widow-Martial Arts Combo.png Martial Arts Combo Unarmed Melee
Black Widow-Flying Kick.png Flying Kick Unarmed Melee
Blade Icon 1.png
Blade-Dead by Dawn.png Dead by Dawn Melee Unarmed
Cable Icon 1.png
T-O Control - Access to techonological arsenalT-O Control - Access to techonological arsenal
 T-O Control
Cable-Askani Arts.png Askani Arts Unarmed Melee
Cammi Icon 1.png
Cammi-Jet Pack Combo.png Jet Pack Combo Unarmed Melee
Cannonball Icon 1.png
Cannonball-Comin' Through.png Comin' Through Unarmed Melee Kinetic
Cannonball-Nothin's Impossible.png Nothin's Impossible Unarmed Melee Kinetic
Captain America Icon 1.png
Captain America-Leading Strike.png Leading Strike Unarmed Melee
Captain America Icon 4.png
Captain Steve Rogers-Leading Strike 1.png Leading Strike
Ranged Awareness - Chance to dodge Range attacksRanged Awareness - Chance to dodge Range attacks
 Ranged Awareness
Unarmed Melee
Captain Steve Rogers-Leading Strike 2.png Leading Strike
Offensive Operations - Chance to perform a counter-attack when an ally is attacked by meleeOffensive Operations - Chance to perform a counter-attack when an ally is attacked by melee
 Offensive Operations
Unarmed Melee
Captain Steve Rogers-Leading Strike 3.png Leading Strike
Counterintelligence - Chance to perform a preemptive counter-attack against enemies performing buff or debuff actionsCounterintelligence - Chance to perform a preemptive counter-attack against enemies performing buff or debuff actions
Unarmed Melee
Captain Britain Icon 1.png
Captain Britain-Right Is Might.png Right Is Might Unarmed Melee
Captain Britain-Save the Queen.png Save the Queen Unarmed Melee
Captain Britain-Britannic.png Britannic Unarmed Melee
Colossus Icon 1.png
Colossus-Steel Fists.png Steel Fists Unarmed Melee
Colossus-Decimate.png Decimate Unarmed Melee
Cyclops Icon 1.png
Cyclops-Exploit Weakness.png Exploit Weakness Unarmed Melee
Daredevil Icon 1.pngDaredevil Icon 2.png
Daredevil-Snap Kick.png Snap Kick Unarmed Melee
Daredevil Icon 3.png
Daredevil-Snap Kick.png Violent Verdict Unarmed Melee
Daredevil-Onus Probandi.png Onus Probandi Unarmed Melee
Destroyer Icon 1.png
Destroyer-Crush.png Crush Melee Unarmed
Drax Icon 1.png
Drax-Obliterate.png Obliterate Unarmed Melee
Emma Frost Icon 1.png
Emma Frost-War Diamond.png War Diamond Melee Unarmed
Falcon Icon 1.png
Falcon-Swoop.png Swoop Unarmed Melee
Falcon-Dive Bomber.png Dive Bomber Unarmed Melee
Gamora Icon 1.png
Gamora-Mortal Strike.png Mortal Strike Unarmed Melee Slashing
Gorgon Icon 1.png
Gorgon-Feel the Thunder.png Feel the Thunder Ground Unarmed
Gorgon-Dance of Death.png Dance of Death Ground Unarmed
Gorgon-Walk All Over You.png Walk All Over You Melee Unarmed
Gorgon-Show No Mercy.png Show No Mercy Melee Unarmed
Groot Icon 1.png
Groot-I am Groot!.png I am Groot! Melee Unarmed
Hank Pym Icon 1.png
Hank Pym-Growing Pains.png Growing Pains Unarmed Melee
Hank Pym-Goliath Punch.png Goliath Punch Unarmed Melee
Hank Pym-Bug Squashing.png Bug Squashing Unarmed Melee
Hercules Icon 1.png
Hercules-Pankration Pummel.png Pankration Pummel Melee Unarmed
Howard the Duck Icon 1.png
Howard the Duck-Eat My Glove!.png "Eat My Glove!" Melee Unarmed
Howard the Duck-Quack-Fu.png Quack-Fu Melee Unarmed
Hulk Icon 1.png
Hulk-Rage Punch.png Rage Punch Unarmed Melee
Hulk Icon 5.png
Hulk-Rage Punch.png Incredible Rage Punch Unarmed Melee
Hulk-Thunder Clap.png Giant-Size Hulk Smash Unarmed Melee
Hyperion Icon 1.png
Hyperion-Fists of Fusion.png Fists of Fusion Unarmed Melee
Hyperion-Solar Strike.png Solar Strike Unarmed Melee
Iron Fist Icon 1.pngIron Fist Icon 2.png
Iron Fist-K'un L'un Combo.png K'un L'un Combo Unarmed Melee
Iron Fist-The Iron Fist.png The Iron Fist Unarmed Melee
Iron Fist Icon 2.png
Iron Fist-Five Fingers of Death.png Five Fingers of Death Unarmed Melee
Iron Fist-White Hot Iron Fist.png White Hot Iron Fist Unarmed Melee
Iron Man Icon 5.png
Iron Man-Iron Pummel.png Iron Pummel Melee Unarmed Tech

Heroes J - Q (View or Edit this Section)

Name Ability Type
Jessica Jones Icon 1.png
Jessica Jones-Bar Room Brawl.png Bar Room Brawl Unarmed Melee
Jessica Jones-Leap of Faith.png Leap of Faith Unarmed Melee
Juggernaut Icon 1.png
Juggernaut-Sunday Punch.png Sunday Punch Unarmed Melee
Juggernaut-Mountain Crusher.png Mountain Crusher Unarmed Melee
Kamala Khan Icon 1.png
Kamala Khan-Embiggened Chops.png Embiggened Chops Melee Unarmed
Kamala Khan-Boot To The Head.png Boot To The Head Melee Unarmed
Kamala Khan-Big Brawl.png Big Brawl Melee Unarmed
Karnak Icon 1.png
Karnak-Fracture Flaw.png Fracture Flaw Melee Unarmed
Karnak-Probe, Leverage, Blow!.png Probe, Leverage, Blow! Melee Unarmed
Karnak-Shatter Strike.png Shatter Strike Melee Unarmed
Kitty Pryde Icon 1.png
Kitty Pryde-Phased Attack.png Phased Attack Unarmed Melee
Kitty Pryde-Sneak Attack.png Sneak Attack Unarmed Melee
Kitty Pryde-Shadow Kick.png Shadow Kick Unarmed Melee
Luke Cage Icon 1.png
Luke Cage-Brawl.png Brawl Unarmed Melee
Luke Cage-Face Punch.png Face Punch Unarmed Melee
Luke Cage Icon 2.png
Luke Cage-Brawl.png Fatal Fists Unarmed Melee
Misty Knight Icon 1.png
Misty Knight-Armed and Dangerous.png Armed and Dangerous Melee Gun Unarmed Ranged
Misty Knight-Shut Yo' Mouth!.png Shut Yo' Mouth! Melee Unarmed
Mockingbird Icon 1.png
Mockingbird-Pole Vault.png Pole Vault Melee Unarmed
Mockingbird Icon 2.png
Mockingbird-Dive.png Dive Melee Unarmed
Molly Hayes Icon 1.png
Molly Hayes-Drop Kick.png Drop Kick Melee Unarmed
Molly Hayes-Wind-Up Punch.png Wind-Up Punch Melee Unarmed
Moon Knight Icon 1.png
Moon Knight-Fist of Khonshu.png Fist of Khonshu Unarmed Melee
Moon Knight-Tripwire Tackle.png Tripwire Tackle Unarmed Melee
Moonstone Icon 1.png
Moonstone-Forceful Personality.png Forceful Personality Unarmed Melee
Mr. Fantastic Icon 1.png
Mr. Fantastic-Stretch Punch.png Stretch Punch Unarmed Ranged
Mr. Fantastic-Multistrike.png Multistrike Unarmed Ranged
Ms. Marvel Icon 1.png
Ms. Marvel-Brawl.png Brawl Unarmed Melee
Nightcrawler Icon 1.png
Nightcrawler-Ambush.png Ambush Unarmed Melee
Nightcrawler-Night Kick.png Night Kick Unarmed Melee
Nightcrawler-Triple Threat.png Triple Threat Unarmed Melee
Nightcrawler-Shadow Dance.png Shadow Dance Unarmed Melee
Nova Icon 1.png
Nova-Charged Flyby.png Charged Flyby Melee Unarmed
Nova-Nova Punches.png Nova Punches Melee Unarmed
Quake Icon 1.png
Quake-Frack Attack.png Frack Attack Unarmed Melee Sonic
Quicksilver Icon 1.png
Quicksilver-Blinding Punches.png Blinding Punches Melee Unarmed
Quicksilver-Tag Team.png Tag Team Melee Unarmed
Quicksilver-One Mile Punch.png One Mile Punch Melee Unarmed
Quicksilver-Vortex Lariat.png Vortex Lariat Melee Unarmed

Heroes R - Z (View or Edit this Section)

Name Ability Type
Red Hulk Icon 1.png
Red Hulk-Searing Smash.png Searing Smash Unarmed Melee
Red She-Hulk Icon 1.png
Red She-Hulk-Body Blow.png Body Blow Unarmed Melee
Red She-Hulk-Cage Fight.png Cage Fight Unarmed Melee
Red She-Hulk-Savage Strike.png Savage Strike Unarmed Melee
Rogue Icon 1.png
Rogue-Brawl.png Brawl Melee Unarmed
Rogue-Southern Comfort.png Southern Comfort Melee Unarmed
Rogue Icon 2.png
Rogue-Brawl.png Brawl Melee Unarmed
Rogue-Southern Comfort.png Black Horse Melee Unarmed
Sandman Icon 1.png
Sandman-Pound.png Pound Melee Unarmed
Sandman-Hammering Blow.png Hammering Blow Unarmed Melee
Satana Icon 1.png
Satana-Fiery Fists.png Fiery Fists Melee Unarmed Fire Magic
Shanna Icon 1.png
Shanna-Spear Vault.png Spear Vault Unarmed Melee
She-Hulk Icon 1.png
She-Hulk-Punch.png Punch Unarmed Melee
She-Hulk Icon 2.png
She-Hulk-Punch.png Hammering Blow Unarmed Melee
She-Hulk-Stomp.png Stomp Melee Unarmed
Spider-Girl Icon 1.png
Spider-Girl-There Goes Gravity.png There Goes Gravity Unarmed Melee
Spider-Girl-Guess Who's Back.png Guess Who's Back Unarmed Melee
Spider-Girl-Snap Back to Reality.png Snap Back to Reality Unarmed Melee
Spider-Man Icon 1.png
Spider-Man-Web Slingshot.png Web Slingshot Unarmed Melee
Spider-Man-Web Swing.png Web Swing Unarmed Melee
Spider-Man 2099 Icon 1.png
Spider-Man 2099-Jammit.png Jammit Unarmed Melee
Spider-Man Noir Icon 1.png
Spider-Man Noir-Bum's Rush.png Bum's Rush Unarmed Melee
Spider-Man Noir-Busting Heads.png Busting Heads Ranged Melee Gun Unarmed
Spider-Woman Icon 1.png
Spider-Woman-Brawl.png Brawl Unarmed Melee
Squirrel Girl Icon 1.png
Squirrel Girl-Squirrel Strike.png Squirrel Strike Melee Unarmed
Squirrel Girl-Wrath of the Raging Squirrel.png Wrath of the Raging Squirrel Melee Unarmed
Spider-Gwen Icon 1.png
Spider-Gwen-Webline Stage Dive.png Webline Stage Dive Unarmed Melee
Sunfire Icon 1.png
Sunfire-Kyokujitsuken.png Kyokujitsuken Unarmed Melee Fire
Superior Spider-Man Icon 1.png
Superior Spider-Man-Dr. Arachnid.png Dr. Arachnid Unarmed Melee
Spitfire Icon 1.png
Spitfire-Fiery Fists.png Fiery Fists Unarmed Melee
Thane Icon 1.png
Thane-Sealing Touch.png Sealing Touch Unarmed Melee
Thing Icon 1.png
Thing-Clobberin' Time.png Clobberin' Time Unarmed Melee
Thundra Icon 1.png
Thundra-Perfect Storm.png Perfect Storm Unarmed Melee
Tigra Icon 1.png
Tigra-Tiger's Fury.png Tiger's Fury Unarmed Melee
Ultimate Spider-Man Icon 1.png
Ultimate Spider-Man-Ultimate Combo.png Ultimate Combo Unarmed Melee
Union Jack Icon 1.png
Union Jack-Trench Warfare.png Trench Warfare Melee Unarmed Slashing
Union Jack-Over the Top.png Over the Top Melee Unarmed Slashing
Union Jack-V for Victory.png V for Victory Melee Unarmed Slashing
Vision Icon 1.png
Vision-Physical Disruption.png Physical Disruption Melee Unarmed
Vision-Intangible Fist.png Intangible Fist Melee Unarmed Tech
Wasp Icon 1.png
Wasp-Fist Bump.png Fist Bump Unarmed Melee
Winter Soldier Icon 1.png
Winter Soldier-Revolutionary Strike.png Revolutionary Strike Melee Unarmed
Wonder Man Icon 1.png
Wonder Man-Ionic Punch.png Ionic Punch Unarmed Melee
Wonder Man-One Hit Wonder.png One Hit Wonder Unarmed Melee
Wonder Man-Hollywood Hammer.png Hollywood Hammer Unarmed Melee

Enemies (View or Edit this Section)

Icon Ability Type
Absorbing Man Icon.png
 Absorbing Man
Scalding Strike Fire Melee Unarmed
Punch Melee Unarmed
Dark Widow Icon.png
 Dark Widow
Break Down Unarmed Melee
Spring Kick Unarmed Melee
Hydro-Man Icon.png
Rising Tide Water Unarmed Melee
IN-Delta Icon.png
Blurred Punches Melee Unarmed
Frenzy Melee Unarmed
Militant Icon.png
First Strike Unarmed Melee
Morlun Icon.png
Flying Punch Melee Unarmed
Fisticuffs Melee Unarmed
Mysterio Icon.png
Larger than Life Melee Unarmed
Stunt Man Melee Unarmed
Prime Sentinel Icon.png
 Prime Sentinel
Pressure Strike Unarmed Melee
Sentinel Strike Unarmed Melee
Unbalancing Strike Unarmed Melee
Proxima Midnight Icon.png
 Proxima Midnight
Spinning Kick Melee Unarmed
Sandman Icon.png
Big Fist Unarmed Melee
Venom Icon.png
Along Came A Venom Unarmed Ranged
Extruded Claws Unarmed Melee
Hematophage Unarmed Melee
Infestation Unarmed Ranged
Vulture Icon.png
Punch Unarmed Melee

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