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About Sijfer

Right now, I'm playing a mobile game called NogiKoi.

Likes it that Marvel: Avengers Alliance is on Marvel Wiki and has an Earth Registration Number: Earth-12131.

I may sound rude (both in vocal and in written), but I'm actually very sensitive.

I'm a Marvel Fan, but I'm more into Tokusatsu right now. ^_^


  • I may have my own opinion, but I can be persuaded very easily. :P
  • Does not exert effort on PvP. Instead, buys the PvP Heroes when SpecOps needs them.
  • Only sends either Energy (before a SpecOps starts) or Unstable Isotope-8 (during SpecOps) to friends.



  • Agent Name: Agent Gokai Decade
  • Level: 300
  • Preferred Class: Generalist
  • Lockbox hoarder
  • PVP Rank: Brass (just kiddin', it's Silver)


Rating: 1

My favorite pages



Agent LV's Recruited Heroes
Lv12.pngA-Bomb Icon 1.png Lv09.pngAdam Warlock Icon 1.png Lv14.pngAgent Venom Icon 1.png Lv10.pngAmazing Spider-Woman Icon 1.png Lv12.pngAngel Icon 1.png Lv12.pngAngela Icon 1.png Lv12.pngAnt-Man Icon 1.png Lv12.pngAnti-Venom Icon 1.png Lv14.pngAres Icon 1.png Lv10.pngAvalanche Icon 1.png Lv10.pngBaron Mordo Icon 1.png Lv15.pngBeast Icon 2.png
Lv10.pngBeetle Lv12.pngBeta Ray Bill Icon 1.png Lv12.pngBishop Icon 1.png Lv11.pngBlack Bolt Icon 1.png Lv15.pngBlack Cat Icon 1.png Lv15.pngBlack Knight Icon 2.png Lv15.pngBlack Panther Icon 1.png Lv15.pngBlack Widow Icon 3.png Lv10.pngBlade Icon 1.png Lv10.pngBlizzard Lv10.pngBlue Marvel Icon 1.png Lv10.pngBoomerang
Lv14.pngCable Icon 1.png Lv12.pngCammi Icon 1.png Lv09.pngCannonball Icon 1.png Lv15.pngCaptain America Icon 4.png Lv14.pngCaptain Britain Icon 1.png Lv12.pngChase Stein Icon 1.png Lv10.pngCloak and Dagger Icon 1.png Lv10.pngColleen Wing Icon 1.png Lv15.pngColossus Icon 3.png Lv10.pngConstrictor Lv10.pngCrystal Icon 1.png Lv15.pngCyclops Icon 2.png
Lv14.pngDaimon Hellstrom Icon 2.png Lv15.pngDaredevil Icon 1.png Lv15.pngDeadpool Icon 1.png Lv10.pngDeath Locket Lv10.pngDeathlok Icon 1.png Lv10.pngDestroyer Lv15.pngDoctor Doom Icon 1.png Lv12.pngDoctor Voodoo Icon 1.png Lv10.pngDomino Icon 1.png Lv15.pngDr. Strange Icon 1.png Lv12.pngDrax Icon 1.png Lv10.pngElectro
Lv14.pngElektra Lv10.pngElsa Bloodstone Icon 1.png Lv14.pngEmma Frost Icon 2.png Lv08.pngEnchantress Lv09.pngFaiza Hussain Icon 1.png Lv10.pngFalcon Icon 1.png Lv12.pngFandral Icon 1.png Lv12.pngFantomex Icon 1.png Lv14.pngFixer Lv14.pngGambit Icon 1.png Lv14.pngGamora Icon 1.png Lv14.pngGhost Rider Icon 1.png
Lv10.pngGorgon Icon 1.png Lv12.pngGroot Icon 1.png Lv14.pngHank Pym Icon 1.png Lv14.pngHavok Icon 1.png Lv15.pngHawkeye Icon 3.png Lv14.pngHeimdall Icon 1.png Lv10.pngHellcat Icon 1.png Lv15.pngHercules Icon 1.png Lv15.pngHogun Icon 1.png Lv10.pngHoward the Duck Icon 1.png Lv15.pngHulk Icon 1.png Lv15.pngHuman Torch Icon 1.png
Lv15.pngHybrid Lv10.pngHyperion Icon 1.png Lv12.pngIceman Icon 2.png Lv15.pngInvisible Woman Icon 2.png Lv15.pngIron Fist Icon 2.png Lv15.pngIron Man Icon 5.png Lv10.pngJessica Jones Icon 1.png Lv12.pngJuggernaut Lv10.pngKa-Zar Icon 1.png Lv10.pngKamala Khan Icon 1.png Lv06.pngKang Lv10.pngKarnak Icon 1.png
Lv14.pngKarolina Dean Icon 1.png Lv10.pngKate Bishop Icon 1.png Lv15.pngKitty Pryde Icon 1.png Lv11.pngKnight America Icon 1.png Lv08.pngKraven Icon 1.png Lv10.pngLizard Lv10.pngLoki Lv15.pngLuke Cage Icon 2.png Lv14.pngMagik Icon 1.png Lv15.pngMagneto Lv10.pngMantis Icon 1.png Lv10.pngMedusa Icon 1.png
Lv10.pngMisty Knight Icon 1.png Lv15.pngMockingbird Icon 1.png Lv15.pngMolly Hayes Icon 1.png Lv10.pngMoon Knight Icon 1.png Lv12.pngMoondragon Lv08.pngMoonstone Lv14.pngMorbius Icon 1.png Lv15.pngMr. Fantastic Icon 1.png Lv15.pngMs. Marvel Icon 3.png Lv14.pngNico Minoru Lv15.pngNightcrawler Icon 1.png Lv12.pngNova Icon 1.png
Lv14.pngOmega Sentinel Lv14.pngPhoenix Icon 3.png Lv09.pngPhyla-Vell Icon 1.png Lv14.pngPsylocke Icon 1.png Lv14.pngPunisher Icon 1.png Lv10.pngQuake Icon 1.png Lv12.pngQuicksilver Icon 1.png Lv12.pngRed Hulk Icon 1.png Lv10.pngRed She-Hulk Icon 1.png Lv10.pngRescue Icon 1.png Lv10.pngRichard Rider Icon 1.png Lv12.pngRocket Raccoon Icon 1.png
Lv14.pngRogue Icon 2.png Lv08.pngRonan Lv14.pngSabretooth Lv12.pngSandman Lv08.pngSatana Lv14.pngScarlet Witch Icon 1.png Lv10.pngShanna Icon 1.png Lv10.pngShatterstar Icon 1.png Lv15.pngShe-Hulk Icon 1.png Lv12.pngShocker Lv14.pngSif Icon 1.png Lv10.pngSilk Icon 1.png
Lv10.pngSongbird Icon 1.png Lv12.pngSpider-Girl Icon 1.png Lv12.pngSpider-Gwen Icon 1.png Lv15.pngSpider-Man Icon 1.png Lv10.pngSpider-Man 2099 Icon 1.png Lv10.pngSpider-Man Noir Icon 1.png Lv14.pngSpider-Woman Icon 1.png Lv12.pngSpiral Icon 1.png Lv10.pngSpitfire Icon 1.png Lv12.pngSquirrel Girl Icon 1.png Lv10.pngStar-Lord Icon 1.png Lv14.pngStorm Icon 1.png
Lv10.pngSunfire Icon 1.png Lv10.pngSuperior Spider-Man Icon 1.png Lv10.pngTaskmaster Lv10.pngThane Icon 1.png Lv13.pngThing Icon 1.png Lv15.pngThor Icon 3.png Lv12.pngThor (Jane Foster) Icon 1.png Lv14.pngThundra Icon 1.png Lv14.pngTigra Icon 1.png Lv14.pngUltimate Spider-Man Icon 1.png Lv14.pngUnion Jack Icon 1.png Lv15.pngValkyrie Icon 1.png
Lv14.pngVictor Mancha Icon 1.png Lv14.pngVision Icon 1.png Lv12.pngVolstagg Icon 1.png Lv15.pngWar Machine Icon 2.png Lv15.pngWasp Icon 1.png Lv10.pngWhite Tiger Icon 1.png Lv10.pngWinter Soldier Lv15.pngWolverine Icon 2.png Lv15.pngWonder Man Icon 1.png Lv15.pngX-23 Icon 2.png


Challenge Mode Gear

Chapter 1
Custom D.A.R.S. Suppressor.png Custom NF3000.png Custom Sgt's Fury.png Custom Survival Knife.png Custom R-Pod Concealed Cutter.png Custom B&F "Highroad".png
Chapter 2
Frank Castle Special.png M616 Combat Shotgun.png Custom Tidal Fist.png Custom Grecian Sai.png Custom Bolt-Action 4 Bore.png Custom Pyro Technique.png Custom Eagle's Eye.png
Chapter 3
Widow's Kiss.png Fury Blade.png Thursday Night Special.png Custom Knuckle Sting.png Custom Single-Shot Hobbler.png Custom Doombringer.png Custom Energy Fist.png
Chapter 4
Custom Tsunami Fist.png Custom Phosphorus Pang.png Custom Fang-L13.png Custom Monofilament Blade.png Custom Magnetic Field Generator.png Custom S.A. "Skirmish".png Custom P.E.W. "Attenuator".png
Chapter 5
Custom Knuckle Sting.png Custom Cryo-Tonfa.png Custom Tidal Fist.png Custom Norn Stone.png Custom Chain Blade.png Custom Tesla SP-Arc.png Custom P.E.W. "Zealous".png
Chapter 6
Custom Assault Shotgun.png Custom Tyrant Blade.png Custom S.A. "Pincer".png Custom Electrostatic Arm.png Custom Vibra-Trumbash.png Custom "Barking Dog" Shotgun.png Custom P.E.W. "Zealous".png
Chapter 7
Custom Tactical Tonfa.png Custom S.A. "Ambush".png Custom Hidden Blade.png Custom Goblin Glider.png Custom Retractable Baton.png Custom A.R. "Spectre".png Custom P.E.W. "Eradicator".png
Chapter 8
Custom Spirit-76.png Custom B&F Icebrand.png Custom S.A. "Siege".png Custom B&F MP-2.png Custom Brutal Claw.png Custom Possessed Pistol.png Custom P.E.W. "Attenuator".png
Chapter 9
Needle Driver.png "Rolling Thunder" Launcher.png P.E.W. "Raze II".png A.R. "Hammer".png Custom Only For Killing.png Plasma Sword.png P.E.W. "Quell II".png
Chapter 10
Custom Katana.png Custom WMI T'Cha.png Custom Screaming Eagle .50.png Custom Tesla SP-Arc.png Custom Touch of Flame and Shadow.png Custom Thumper.png Custom Chain Blade.png
Chapter 11
Custom Sub-0 Optics Military Rifle.png Custom Pyro-Tonfa.png Batstone Model 7.png Custom Sword of the Barony.png Custom Tidal Fist.png Custom Vibra-Shotel.png P.E.W. "Quell II".png
Chapter 12
Fistborne Defibrillator.png Custom P.E.W. "Dingo".png Custom Spitting Viper.png Custom A.R. "Spinner".png Custom Perforator.png Frag Bracer.png Custom P.E.W. "Stoic".png

Chapter 1
Enfield SA80 Assault Rifle A2.png Restored Lewis Automatic Machine Gun.png Restored STEN Submachine Gun.png Restored Welrod Silenced Pistol.png Stropped Razor.png Restored De Lisle Commando Carbine.png Restored Vickers Machine Gun.png Glas Tann.png
Chapter 2
Stun Baton.png Ceramic Blade.png Power Gauntlet.png Slingcannon.png 750 GW Power Supply.png Depletor Mk2.png Chaoshot SMG.png Revolt 5.png
Chapter 3
Infiltrator Augmenter.png Scrapper Augmenter.png Bruiser Augmenter.png Blaster Augmenter.png Tactician Augmenter.png Decelerator Sword.png Cycling Hand Mortar.png Tactical Knife.png
Chapter 4
Restored Mk VI Revolver.png Gamma Radiation Emitter.png Enchanted Odin's Steel.png Tempered Asgardian Gauntlet.png Staff of Asklepios.png Hardened Chain Wrapped Fist.png Amplified Subsonic Sound Gun.png High Capacity Incinerator Unit.png
Chapter 5
Charged Future Blaster.png Balanced Wakandan Club Knife.png Chitter-Chatter Box.png Psychic Amplifier.png Dense Electro-Tech Hammer.png Huldran's Powerful Call.png Vibranium Gauntlets of Orthrus.png Hardened Wakandan Rungu.png
Chapter 6
Energy Band.png Mass Acceleration Shield.png Sharpshooter Patch.png Terrifying Goblin Mask.png Molten Demonic Dagger.png Maddening Mace.png Flashy Gun.png Laprov!.png
Chapter 7
Uterpendragon.png Blind Justice.png Mysterium Manifold.png Devil's Fang.png Cryptozootoxinator.png Uber Blaulicht.png Ion The Prize.png Brannblodhammer.png
Chapter 8
Stark Industries A.R. Resilient.png Vibra-Spear.png Supernatural Side Arm.png Ring of The Faltine.png Ring of Valtorr.png Ring of Denak.png Mental Manipulator.png D1S-i5-5P4R7A.png
Chapter 9
SUM220 AR Strife.png Booted Barrier.png Quick Kusari Spear.png Mental Blade.png Cosmic Shielding.png High Score.png Baneful Battleaxe.png Restored Machine Pistol.png
Chapter 10
Psionic Disintegration Rifle.png Ultron Cannon.png Singularity Matrix.png Ionic Devourer.png White Light Ring.png Weighted Handheld Fan Blade.png Maximus Mind Control Device.png Fatal Formula.png
Mighty Gear
Mighty Axe.png Mighty Dagger.png Mighty Hammer.png Mighty Mace.png Mighty Skull.png Mighty Staff.png Mighty Sword.png Mighty Trident.png
Iso-Infused Mighty Gear
Iso-Infused Mighty Axe.png Iso-Infused Mighty Dagger.png Iso-Infused Mighty Hammer.png Iso-Infused Mighty Mace.png Iso-Infused Mighty Skull.png Iso-Infused Mighty Staff.png Iso-Infused Mighty Sword.png Iso-Infused Mighty Trident.png

Gear Set
Egasua's Scroll Set Scroll of Angolob.png Scroll of Melsalam.png Scroll of Ocirebi Nomaj.png Scroll of Oziroch.png
The Chess Set The Pawn.png The Rook.png The Knight.png The Bishop.png
AvX Set Phoenix Flare.png Arc Reactor Charge.png Cosmic Flame.png Soulfire Blade.png
Demon Set Fury.png Hotshot.png Grief.png Signpost.png
Self-Sacrifice Hoarfrost Mace.png Barrowguard.png Monstrosity.png Roar of the North.png
Cosmic Set Scythe of Ptah.png Rayshield Generator.png Radian Cannon.png GG Prototype.png
40th Century Man Displacer.png Baltag's Blaster.png Temporal Shielding.png Damocles Target Painter.png
Data Set Combat Analyzer.png Reboot.png Oracle.png Encephalizer.png
StarkTech Set Ram's Horn.png Stark Resilient.png Lasercutter.png Second Amendment.png
Genetic Re-Engineering Set Adhesive X Launcher.png Specimen Scanners.png Ionic Emitter.png Multishot Injector.png
Son of the Demon Set Scourging Gaze.png Devourer.png Hammering Nail.png Heir of Hell.png
Chalice of Souls.png
Vindication Set Power Cell.png Power Cell Mk II.png Power Cell Mk III.png Stalker.png
Sonic Blaster.png Void Generator.png The Obliterator.png
Armory of Attilan Set Guardian of Attilan.png Watcher of Attilan.png Protector of Attilan.png Might of Attilan.png
Dark Defiance Set Watcher's Blade.png Algrim's Rage.png Horn of Wisdom.png Frigga's Hope.png
Murderworld Set Sugarbeat.png Insert Coin.png Serpentine.png Britannic Sceptre.png
Horsemen Set Memento Mori.png Gaunt Caress.png No Mercy.png Ex Oblivione.png
Superior Soldier Set Combat Serum.png Refined Combat Serum.png Batazer.png Crimson Crusher.png
Sticky Situation Set Web Axe.png Web Breaker.png Flare Launcher.png Net-Caster.png
Integrated Intelligence Set Cuff L.I.N.C..png Zero-day.png Masterkey.png Calculated Response.png
Galactic Set Capacitive Blaster.png Abative Helmet.png Galactic Crusher.png Kinetic Energy Blade.png
Cybernetic Set Cybernetic Cannon.png Cybernetic Blade.png Cybernetic Glaive.png Cybernetic Blaster.png
Hunter's Set Vampiric Sword.png Hallowed Flame Thrower.png Stake Thrower.png Fe'Eb Den'roc.png
Maddening Method Set Manic De-Amplifier.png Echo Tech Blaster.png Psychotic Blade.png Amplified Rifle.png
Elemental Set Coulson Special.png Flaming Sword.png Staff of Storms.png Frozen Axe.png
Wayward Set Adaptive Pistol.png Staff of Return.png Hi-Tech Gauntlet.png Crystalline Dream.png
Legionnaire's Set Legion Transponder.png Legion Disruption Blade.png Legion Pulse Rifle.png Legion Particle Accelerator.png
Arachnid Set Vigilante Mask.png Superior Combat Sensor.png Relentless Rapier.png Bio-Electric Pistol.png
Formican Set The ANTenna.png The Stinger.png The Mandible.png The Carapace.png
Aranea Set Exo-Generator.png Webbed Gloves.png Grace Note.png Venom Launcher.png
Witches Set Charge of the Witches.png Fetish of Calamity.png The Craft.png Channeling Glove.png
Maggia Set Maggia Targeting Device.png Maggia Captain's Fist.png The Made Man.png Hammer Pistol.png
Contaminated Set Radiation Injector.png Premonition Actuator.png Photon Ray.png Big Brother.png
Deathlok Set Quickdraw Plasma Pistol.png Focused Plasma Launcher.png Deathlok Cannon.png Deathlok Fist.png
Vibranium Set Vibranium Neural Disruptor.png Vibranium Power Fist.png Wakandan Mace.png Wakandan Speed Blade.png
Psychic Force Set Psyche Operator.png Staff of Agony.png Metaphysical Rifle.png Metaphysical Amplifier.png
Cosmic Energy Set Terminating Javelin.png Radiant Shield.png Cosmic Decimator.png Cosmic Queller.png