• Ashcat19

    Fastball Special Anyone?

    February 6, 2014 by Ashcat19

    So eventually we're supposed to be getting Levels Higher then 13, there begs the question of what will make it Worth it. Sure, a lot of Hardcoar PVP players will do it entirely for the bonus, but for casual people, 13's a struggle. What could make it worthwhile to Us.

    Another EISO Slot? Yeah, this is probably about all we'd get. But, how about an extra Hero Slot next to the EISO slots? or even a Weapon Slot where you can equip the heroes.

    This could lead to a plentitude of interesting combinations, such as the famous Fastball Special.

    Idea courtesy of Mr Stove, who blundered asking whether he should replace Mystic with Sunfire as if Sunfire's equippable.

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  • Ashcat19

    Dummies Guide to Whining

    January 16, 2014 by Ashcat19

    Whenver something new comes, a lot of activity comes in. A lot of that activity is complaining about the changes or new material. It serves a grand total of Zero (0) purpose, since the wiki is unaffiliated with Playdom and quite frankly is an eyesore. But it's not just that, when you're around for long enough, as all the moderators and administration have, you come to know exactly what will happen, because in addition to being eyesores, these whiners are totally predictable. They might vocalize it a little differently, but it all collects to the same Tenets of Whine.

    Note: While I used the male personal pronoun, these apply just the same to Females releases.

    1. His stats/abilities suck, he'll never do any real damage or have any impact on the ga…
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  • Ashcat19

    Sure every longterm member of the wiki is sick to death of every new player asking every SO whether they buy the deploys, how they should buy the deploys, why they should buy the deploys, and the answer is always the same. So, I'm writing this really more out of laziness. Rather then explain every time why they should to pigheaded, I'll just put the facts here and direct them whenever it's asked.

    Buying Heroes for Deploys for Spec Ops makes them Cheaper. Not kidding, take the Wild Hunt, it required Kitty, Wolverine, Deadpool and Beast. It rewarded Valkyrie, who is now 200 CP. That's 461 worth of Command Points. Average it out, it's 92.2 CP, just over 90 each, which considering only Kitty is below that, isn't too bad, that's the deal that pe…

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  • Ashcat19

    The chances on the arrows, at least in this fight seem to be rigged to specific combinations. My hope is to use this to set out the formula to beating him. 500 Small Energy to use, hopefully I wont use it all, I still need to beat Phoenix and Black+Spiderman's heroics afterall.

    Same number of followups, same arrowhead order, same attacks and effects afflicted. This aint random. I will accept data from others if you provide it fully as I have in comments.

    Will provide data and complete later....Have to pick up a textbook.

    Tests for Blaster Heroic Hawkeye.

    • Sonic Arrow: Close Win, no cigar.
    • Adamantium Arrow: Crapshoot.

    *Magnovolt Arrow: Hawkeye begins. Pinpoint on Bowman, Arrow Volley. Pinpoint on Burner 2, Arrow Volley, Pinpoint on Burner 1. Arrow…

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  • Ashcat19

    Returning King-I'm Baack

    November 19, 2013 by Ashcat19

    So, after nearly two month’s absence from the wiki, being voluntarily blocked to focus on real life more, I Have Returned. The break gave me a lot of time which was needed with my tests confidently done, my love life sorted, and the holidays upon us, but it is good to be back as from what I’ve seen, the place barely survived without me.

    PKB semi-retiring, Titeuf and other notable users have quit playing, several of the more comprehensible opinionators have been engaging in no holds barred vitriol matches with the staff team many of whom responded with zero tact and only poured petrol to the flame, leading to blocks on both sides, massive policy changes have been implemented, Chapter 14 has arrived with Uncanny Cyclops with the expected absen…

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